Selecting the Right Business Security System

As far as security and protection technology is concerned, business organizations have no shortage of options. Your choice would be determined by a number of factors including your budget and specific security needs and concerns.

Types of Business Security Systems

In order to select the right business security system, you need to be specific about the features you want for your establishment:

  • Video: This can help you keep track of activities inside and outside the establishment. You can view live or recorded motion on your PC or monitor screen.
  • Motion detectors: This is typically used in conjunction with security password panel to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter certain premises.
  • Remote monitoring sensors: In case of a break-in, fire, or other incidents, the system sends an alarm to the police or private security teams.
  • On-site surveillance: Instead of remote monitoring devices, you hire a security guard to patrol your property.


Installation is one of the most important considerations when selecting business security systems. Cost is not the only concern, but also the length of time it would take to finish the job.

The type of business security system you choose will actually determine installation cost. Business security systems are either hardwired or wireless. Wireless devices are cheaper to install, but they are also more vulnerable. Since there’s no technical expertise needed to install wireless systems, it’s a great option for DIY installers. Some DIY businesses just outsource the monitoring to a security company.

Hardwired systems are more reliable, but they are costlier to install. They are also “invasive”: to install hardwire system components, you have to cut through structures and walls. As such, they’re better suited to buildings that are still being built. A typical hardwire installation costs around $100 to $150 for every entry point, and about the same for every motion sensor.

In addition to cost of installation, consider cost of extra services such as monitoring. Find a locally owned and operated company that offers full services. What if your motion sensor stops working? That requires a service call. The security company should provide not only installation services but also system maintenance and monitoring. Stay away from companies that outsource the monitoring. You want 24-hour surveillance, and not only nights or weekend services.

Once you have evaluated the security features and price as well as type and cost of installation, it’s time to round up your options. If you dedicate the right amount of time to finding the best security system, you are sure to find one that meets your needs and your budget best.




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