Learn How to Defend Yourself

Every day, newspapers are filled with crime stories -- people getting mugged, children getting beaten by neighborhood bullies, women getting sexually assaulted, etc. Danger is always present around us, and it often finds us in the most unexpected moments. As such, it is essential that you prepare against potential dangers by learning how to defend yourself.

The first rule in self-defense is to avoid situations that make you more susceptible to danger, such as withdrawing money from the ATM at night or walking home late at night alone. The second rule is to arm yourself with self-defense methods, be it using weapon or martial arts techniques or both.

Self-defense Weapons

There are a number of personal protection products on the market you can use to fend off assailants. There are laws about use of self-defense weapons so check with your state first before you carry one.

  • Pepper spray. This is the most commonly used self-defense weapon. It is easy to use -- just target the assailant’s eyes. Pepper spray contains inflammatory agent, causing one to immediately close their eyes and experience temporary blindness as well as difficulty in breathing. The effect can last for 30 – 45 minutes, giving you more than enough time to escape.
  • Stun gun. It can incapacitate assailants by administering electric shock. Unlike Taser guns, stun guns require direct contact to work.
  • Taser. This is a brand of stun gun that fires projectiles. Electric shock is administered through a thin wire.

Self-defense Lessons

Imagine a scenario where you’re walking alone at night and you’ve forgotten to bring your pepper spray. Or you are facing three assailants. Self-defense weapons are best paired with combat skills.

Even basic self-defense methods such as striking vulnerable parts like eyes and nose can help. If you want more advance lessons, then you need to locate martial arts studios in your areas. When selecting self-defense classes, consider the techniques covered. Does it include training for handling common attacks? Does it teach you how to fend off multiple attackers or defend yourself using pepper spray or other self-protection tools?

You can also learn how to defend yourself at home with the help of self-defense videos or books. As with selecting self-defense programs, consider the techniques covered by a DVD or book.

Perfecting the techniques for defending yourself cannot be achieved overnight. Regardless of where or how you choose to learn self-defense, it is important that you take time to learn each technique and practice it to perfection.




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