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Protective service is a special type of service that aims to provide protection to a person who is at risk or who is experiencing physical, emotional, or other forms of threat. It provides individuals with a peace of mind in the knowledge that they are protected at all times.  Most of the people hired to provide protection services have police, military, or law enforcement background, and possess martial arts skills, hand-to-hand combat training, and firearms training.

Types of Protective Services 

Protective services come in various forms, from providing security for families or homes to bodyguard services for high-profile entertainers and politicians.

Private or personal security provides protective services to a single person. This is the type of service typically employed by celebrities, dignitaries, and VIPs. Hired private security agents are more popularly known as bodyguards. They are typically armed.

Private patrol services are used to discourage intrusion into one’s home or business. The patrol officer constantly monitors the assigned property on a 24/7 basis to ensure there are no break-ins or theft.

Executive security services are used to provide protection to a group of CEOs or high-profile individuals. Executive agents are an elite group of security providers. They possess valuable skills in marksmanship as well as driving and first aid. 

Event security personnel provide short-term security. Also known as bouncers, they are hired to monitor and security events, ranging from small club parties to large political campaigns or speeches. 


Finding a Great Guard Dog

Guard dogs make for loyal companion as well as additional protection for the family. They don’t only watch your property but also threatens or attacks any intruder. Their natural instinct is to protect their family and the area they consider as territory. In general, guard dogs are trainable, loyal to owners, resistant to stress, and watchful. There are individual differences. Some are tol...


Guide to Law Enforcement Career

Law enforcement officers come in different attires, jurisdictions, and set of duties. Some officers patrol urban areas. Some are tasked with fact-finding and investigating individual cases. Some are in charge to enforce environmental laws. No matter what your choice is, a law enforcement career is a rewarding and noble job. SWAT Professionals SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) professionals enga...


Selecting the Right Home Security System

Locking your doors does not provide 100% proof from dangers. Based on a study by Temple University, approximately 23% of burglaries in the US involved breaking through a window, 9% through a garage, and 4% through the basement. Keeping homes safe and secure requires more than just a deadbolt. However, only one out of five homeowners in America has a security system in their home according to JP...


Airline Security Guidelines

Since the 9/11 US attacks, airport and airline security have been tightened in the US and around the world. Despite the more stringent rules, going through airport security lines doesn’t have to be stressful. Know what to expect and you will have no problem easing through airport lines. Check-in Airline Rules Travelers should be aware of the allowed time frame for check in before a schedul...


Select a Great Martial Arts Program

There’s a great array of martial art styles available today. Some of these, such as Kung Fu and Karate, have been around for centuries; some, such as Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun, are new, modified versions. People’s reasons for choosing a martial arts program are just as diverse. Some want to learn how to defend themselves in any situation. Others want to stay fit. The confusing part...


Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft costs individuals and businesses a combined loss of $52 billion a year. It’s a major issue, claiming an average 10 million victims annually. Don’t become a statistic - reduce your risk for identity theft by learning how to protect yourself from it. Identity theft happens when someone assumes your name, personal information, cr...


Selecting the Right Business Security System

As far as security and protection technology is concerned, business organizations have no shortage of options. Your choice would be determined by a number of factors including your budget and specific security needs and concerns. Types of Business Security Systems In order to select the right business security system, you need to be specific about the features you want for your establishment: Vi...


Learn How to Defend Yourself

Every day, newspapers are filled with crime stories -- people getting mugged, children getting beaten by neighborhood bullies, women getting sexually assaulted, etc. Danger is always present around us, and it often finds us in the most unexpected moments. As such, it is essential that you prepare against potential dangers by learning how to defend yourself. The first rule in self-defense is to a...


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